About Us

Nice to meet you!

My name is Nancy and I’m thrilled to introduce you to… My Disco Daydream! An online and pop up boutique offering curated retro inspired fashion paired with everyday basics, whimsical designs, and handmade wearables. 

I’ve had a love for clothing since I was a kid. Notoriously overdressed from the time I started kindergarten and president of a fashion club for a year in college. I worked for local clothing boutiques in downtown Missoula for 7 years total and always dreamed of having one of my own someday. I didn’t think that dream would be a reality anytime soon, with what seemed to be way too many hoops to jump through. But when I thought about how I wanted my business to evolve, clothing kept calling me back.

My Disco Daydream is a tribute to the style of the early 70s, where bright colors and bold patterns were embraced after the Vietnam war from the psychedelic hippie counterculture. This iconic style was a reaction to the dark times and a rejection of boring mainstream fashion. Now in 2022, two years into a global pandemic, I’d say we could use any excuse to wear all the bright, fun clothing that makes us happy. Even our mushroom booty designs fit in with the theme… Don’t you think? 

I’ve curated a collection of fun spring statement pieces, elevated easy to wear basics, and hand picked accessories to sell along side my scrunchies, artwork, and new handmade bra tops. You’ll find everything from flowy bright patterned dresses, to Rolling Stones t-shirts, fringy suede jackets, custom designed earrings and so. much. more. 

Thank you so much for all your support, I look forward to dressing you!